ASX Announcements

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Appendix 3Y
AMEC Convention 2018 Presentation
Appendix 3B
Jaguar Divestment Completed
Appendix 3Y
IGO to divest Jaguar Operation
Form 603 - Becoming a Substantial Holder for ORN
Appendix 3B
ORN:IGO become Substantial Shareholder through $5M Placement
2018 BofAML Global Metals, Mining & Steel Presentation
JP Morgan Clean Energy Metals Corporate Day Presentation
Macquarie Australia 2018 Conference Presentation
March 2018 Quarter Results Roadshow Presentation
March 2018 Quarter Presentation
Supplement to 3Q18 Report Jaguar - Bentayga Lens Update
March 2018 Quarterly Activities Report
March 2018 Quarter Webcast
Becoming a substantial holder for AMD
AMD: $2.4M Received from IGO and Tranche 2 Equity Raising
Goldman Sachs Battery Day Conference Presentation
Lithium & Battery Metals Conference Presentation
Ceasing to be a substantial holder
Euroz Conference Presentation
Becoming a substantial holder
BMO Global Metals & Mining Conference Presentation
RBC Capital Markets Presentation
RIU Explorers Conference Presentation
December 2017 Half-Year Results Presentation
Dividend/Distribution - IGO
December 2017 Half-Year Financial Report and Appendix 4D
Half Year Results Presentation Webcast
ABU: Lake Mackay JV - Exploration Update
December 2017 Quarter Investor Roadshow Presentation
AMD: JV & Investment by IGO and Placement Raises $5.2M
RTR: Exploration Update at Fraser Range Projects
December 2017 Quarter Presentation
December 2017 Quarterly Activities Report
Change in substantial holding from CBA
December 2017 Quarter Webcast